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Jul 12, 2017

The Girls discuss wealth inequality through the lens of white nationalism, trickle-down economics, who benefits from the welfare state, and what the future of employment could possibly look like with the rise of AI.

We also discuss how women are more greatly impacted by the downshift in the economic opportunities available.

All of this is in honor of Bastille Day and Marie Antoinette's infamous quote that the peasants, who were starving, could eat cake. Vive la Revolution!



May 21, 2017

Imagine the perfect world. Imagine how you get there. What does it take? How do you take control of your reality in a useful way? How do we as a society embrace revolutionary acts that will make everyone's life better?


The Girls discuss all this and more.

May 5, 2017

The Girls discuss how authoritarianism warps Americans' views of liberty and freedom. Topics include a woman convicted for laughing at Jeff Sessions, the passing of the AHCA in the House, Trump's plans for a coup, the need for direct independent political action, and why neither Jess nor Less read Reddit.

Apr 17, 2017

We discuss the political and social implications of the Georgia O'Keeffe exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum.

But sexy poppies aren't the point, when we have nepotism and complicity from Trump's daughter and SIL and corruption is EVERYWHERE within the regime.

We're tired, especially, of the Democratic Party eschewing Progressive and Radical candidates in favor of those within the Establishment. Be BOLD, Dems. Be Bold.

Apr 5, 2017

The Girls discuss the problems associated with a POTUS, who objectifies women, and a VPOTUS, who ignores them.

We also discuss the differences in public policy around the crack and heroin epidemics and why access is so crucial.

Finally, we're ready for the revolution. Or is it just the concussion brain talking? Hmmm...

Mar 18, 2017

The Girls discuss Iowa Rep., Steve King's, remarks on racial purity and what his position means for the country. They segue into how men can center issues of gender and race on themselves, which claiming "allyship" at the same time. Then they close out with Oklahoma state rep., Justin Humphrey's, comments on women and pregnancy.

Overall, the point is that patriarchal structures, whether we refer to capitalism or sexism or racism, are all hierarchies with top down approaches, social stratification, and clear winners and losers. By their competitive nature, they create greater and greater imbalances of power as they struggle to maintain control.


Mar 9, 2017

The Girls discuss how they observed IWD, what they think of IWD, and how it could be boosted into a real movement for change in America. One of the obstacles to change, however, are those currently in power. As Gen Xers, the Girls would like to see the Baby Boomers step aside, and the belief is that Baby Boomers in America are sociopaths, who ruin everything. No, we're not bitter. We're just tired.


Also, we think Millennials could save the world, if they were given a chance.



Mar 3, 2017

Jess and Less need an entire bottle of booze. Please send booze.


In all seriousness, we discuss politics in Trumpland, specifically AG Jeff Sessions' committing perjury and increased ICE activity. Then we move on to three different (red...huh) states, which have or want to have punishing and regressive laws in regard to women's rights.


Trigger warning: We discuss rape, domestic violence, and reproductive justice.

Feb 23, 2017

Jess and Less discuss how life is changing one month into Trump's Presidency. We discuss the ICE raids/check-points and the impact they are having on various communities. Standing Rock's water protectors made their last stand and it went about as badly as we expected. Milo Y's reputation is tarnished because apparently the Alt-Right's line in the sand is gay pedophilia/pederasty. People suddenly care about who is in the bathroom again, as laws protecting transgender students' rights to pee in peace are going away.


#StandingRock, #ICE, #SanctuaryCities, #Milo, #TransgenderRights

Feb 10, 2017

Jess and Less talk about how #ShePersisted, we do a quick wrap up on Dominionist Christian thought and why it matters, and we discuss Galentine's Day through the lens of love for friends and appreciation for those, who bring joy to our lives in other ways.


Plus, it's a SNOW DAY in NYC, so we talk about dog butts in cold snow. Will Indy poop? Tune in for S2E7 and find out...

Feb 3, 2017

Jess and Less have a special guest, Rose, who grew up in a strict Dominionist Christian household and community. She explains the true agenda of Trump, Bannon, Pence, Ryan et al. It's far scarier than you can imagine.

She also describes how she was a "child soldier" for Christ, preaching the gospel, and the discussion focuses on how the movement subverted and infiltrated the religious/political sphere legally. Chillingly, she tells us how they plan to dismantle our country in the name of Christ and how they are working toward End Times.

This is a LONG episode. Rose has a ton to say. It is all IMPORTANT. Take a break and come back, but please...*LISTEN*.

Jan 27, 2017

Jess and Less discuss how quickly government can moves when it wants to, covering the first six days of the Trump Administration. Other topics include the Million Women March, WhiteFeminism(TM), Becky with the good hair, Melania Trump's relationship with The Donald, ultra-wealthy "preppers", and messages of hope and resistance.



Jan 18, 2017

Jess and Less discuss the dismantling of the ACA, the confirmation hearings for Cabinet nominees, Trump's egregious disrespect to Congressional Representative John Lewis, and President Obama's pardoning of Chelsea Manning. In honor of MLK weekend, we also talk about ways that white people can be better allies/co-conspirators-advocates when any marginalized or oppressed person is being attacked.

Jan 11, 2017

Jess and Less talk about the importance of speaking truth to power and using whatever platform you are given to make a stand, like Meryl Streep did at the Golden Globes. We also highlight the Women's March of Washington and why intersectional feminism is crucial. We discuss life in soon-to-be Trumpland with the Whizzer-In-Chief and cover why it's valuable that journalists understand history. Finally, we wonder if in this "post-truth" reality there is any way to tell digital truth from fiction.

Jan 9, 2017

Did you miss the first season of The Girls Are All Right: A Feminactivist Podcast? If so, no worries. Jess & Less are BACK for 2017 and episode one of season TWO is epic. No holds barred. We lament Carrie Fisher, blast WhiteFeminismâ„¢, bash Trump, and encourage everyone to be part of The Resistance.

Jan 9, 2017

Jess and Less discuss the closing events of 2016 (Carrie Fisher's untimely and shocking death) and look forward to 2017. We focus on the importance of being part of The Resistance, including how we cannot allow ourselves the privilege to retreat into the comforts of private life. We conclude with a call to action, and we also remind those, who are standing on the sidelines, that their inaction will not save them.

Dec 22, 2016

Less & Jess wrap up 2016 with the tried and true self-care/coping strategy of imbibing their cocktails of choice, and talk electoral college outcomes and bracing for 2017 activism.

Dec 14, 2016

Jess & Less continue talking about the new nominees to Trump's cabinet, the upcoming electoral college vote, and other Trumpian shenanigans, such as having time for meetings with Kanye and watching SNL and putting Alec Baldwin on blast tweet, but not, say, having intelligence briefings. You know, doing the job of President Elect.


Also: a side convo on Aleppo. 

Dec 8, 2016

What. The. Fuck. Jess & Less talk about Trump's growing Cabinet of Deplorables. Who is he appointing, what are they responsible for, and how exactly are they qualified? Let's discuss.

Also: please forgive Jess for the coughing. SO MUCH COUGHING. But the show must go on, right?

Nov 30, 2016

Jess & Less talk about self-care (for activists and people troubled by the times), Standing Rock, Bresha Meadows...and Hamilton.

Nov 15, 2016

Oh, the election of November 8, 2016. Jess & Less talk about the election and do a post-mortem of what went wrong, and share a bit about their thoughts on what is coming in the days ahead. They also encourage you to visit to read the blog!

Oct 30, 2016

Less & Jess try make links between the hypocrisy of patriarchy while discussing the DAPL pipeline protests, the acquittal of the Bundy militia, the double-bind of being a woman when dealing with reproductive health/contraception and men who can't even get through a clinical study for male birth control. BECAUSE ACNE AND MOOD SWINGS!

Oct 25, 2016

Jess & Less talk about the UN report on women's rights in the United States and the white, secular, western bias in the international development community.

Oct 19, 2016

Less & Jess grab their tin-foil hats and talk conspiracy theories, from the zany and mind-boggling flat Earthers to the misogynistic and super-fucking-irritating "conspiracy" that anytime a woman reports that a powerful man raped or sexually assaulted her, it's just to bring the guy down.

Oct 10, 2016

Less & Jess talk about Haiti & Hurricane Matthew, Trump and why "grabbing her pussy" is horrifyingly problematic on many levels, Bill Clinton, and why we're totally over the general election (BUT VOTE, PEOPLE! ESPECIALLY DOWN TICKET!).

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